Yellow Atmospheres


Release date: 19/07/2019

The music traces the concept of cyclical life and existence in general starting from "L'ora che non c'è" that represents the zero point, the indefinability of the universe and the unknown in which human life finds itself before its beginning, which then leads to "Archè" that idealizes the birth and the beginning of life with bright and warm notes. Then follows "Shamal", a song that takes its cue from a hot, dry and dusty wind of deserts and metaphorically symbolizes the difficulties and the problems that may arise in the course of existence. "Frammenti di Infinito" describes life as a mosaic made of of infinite pieces, whose order defines our history. "Sincronia Fatale" and "Al fiorir del pesco" are the pieces that express and describe feelings of passion and the stages of falling in love. With "Teleutè" the circle of life is closed, this rather dramatic piece symbolizes the end of existence, death. "Bsoffio di libertà" brings you back to the starting point of the album, describes the freedom of the soul after the death and the unknown to which it's heading, all with great serenity and positivity. The purpose of this album is to allow listeners, submerging themselves in the sound of the tracks, to get carried away and to reconnect with the experience of one's own experience in order to give a personal reading key to each track.

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