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Acqua Dj Set Pool Party - Summer 2013 - Photo Gallery

Data di pubblicazione 24/09/2013

After several Dj Sets by Gerolamo Sacco at Villaggio della Salute Più (Monterenzio, BO) during 2011 with the team sponsored by Miraloop Hearts, headed by Gabriella Monte who perfomed, together with Gerolamo Sacco, Electronic Pills and other artists from Miraloop (with their first Dj sets in 2012 and 2013) it was launched for the very first time the Acqua Dj Set at Villaggio as an independent party, linked with the bar, with a regular Notti Azzurre ticket. The show started around 8:30 pm, very early, ro grad the magical atmosphere of the sunset and endend around 1am, when the music starts to get softer accompanying the night with the last drinks. The party needs to be considered as an eception because of the fact that, differently from all other pool parties, at Acqua Dj Set the dance floor is underwater. Gerolamo was the Resident Dj during the whole season. The selection was mainly based on electropop with some incursions in the EDM territories. We gathered together some of the pictures taken during the whole season. 




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