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Acqua Dj Set Pool Party - Summer 2014 - Photo Gallery

Data di pubblicazione 23/09/2014

Summer 2014 was the coldest season in the last 50 years but, in spite of all, we managed to close the second season of Acqua Dj Set, the pool party organised by Miraloop and held at Villaggio della Salute Più. The season, that had Magicamentemia as refrain, the EDM single by Gerolamo Sacco (Resident Dj), brought many people together to dance in the hot water in spite of the often chilly temperatures during the evening. We would like to thank all those that from Bologna, Imola, Modena, Reggio Emilia, Rimini and Florence came to our parties to live a brand new and magical dimension of a pool party. And here he this year's gallery.




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