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Alice in Wonderland Tribute

Di Gerolamo Sacco
Data di pubblicazione 11/09/2013

The first pop dance track published by Miraloop Hearts was the earliest version of Alice by Gerolamo Sacco. This song left a small but important signature in the indie music scenario, called Itpop, since it reminds of the 70' and 80' italian language pop but more up-to-date. 5 years later today, this new formula started to working. Alice, in the song, is a muse that leads the singer in the world of music (wonderland), a bit hallucinatory, a bit weird and magical. A world to fall in love with, to get lost in, to play with and, at times, dangerous.

Being a bit curious and intrigued by how the world of Alice was represented before listening to this song, we did a little research. It all started in 1858 when Alice Liddell, a child model, was portrayed by Carroll. She was the inspiration behind "Alice in Wonderland".

The novel "Alice in Wonderland", in which Carroll portraits Liddell in company of cats and magical mashrooms and an evil queen of Hearts, is published 30 years later. While in 1888 John Tenniel does a first sketch that will inspire years later, Walt Disney.

In 1903 Alice in Wonderland becomes a film. One of the first movies ever made.

In 1915 a reboot of Alice happened. The dark period of history was reflected into the movie. What do you think?

In 1933 in Germany, during Hitler's regime, another movie about Alice was made: Alice Im Wunderland. For obvious reasons, it was never promoted in America or other countries. But it left a trace in the history of cinema. Take a look!

In 1949 Hollywood makes its own version, but, as crazy as it sounds, it wasn't a success like the German version. But it was indeed a masterpiece.

It's in 1953 that Alice in Wonderland becomes famous all around the world. The Disney version was, of course, inspired by its previous adaptations, but did something different: 1- created an animated movie; 2- added colors and music.

The movie was such a success that a new version was created. A sullen Alice appears in the theatres in 1966, but it had not as much appeal as the previous version. In any case it kept alive the interest for this girl in this weird, magic Wonderland.

Yet another movie is made. In a period of sexual freedom, in Sweden and with a 400.000 $ budget, Alice becomes an erotic musical. A porn, at times, but tecnically still a musical comedy. It's curious how this movie portraits a very original scenery. This is the first color film of Alice on the big screen.

The 1983 another version hits the big screen. Inspired by the character portraits in the Disney version, is completely different from the one of 1976, but more similar to the one of 1955. When, during the 80', the VSH becomes very popular Alice in Wonderland becomes a beloved movie for families.

In 2010 Tim Burton makes his own version of the movie in collaboration with Disney, that distributes and finances the film, and becomes one of the top selling movies of 2010. Amazing performances by Helena Bonam-Carter, Burton's wife, as the Evil Queen of Hearts, and Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter.

Even though the 1983 version and Burton's one were inspired by the 1950 Disney one, is in the 10' that a more dark and sexy version was created. Is 2013 Alice is an inspiration for artists and creative platforms like DeviantArt.

Alice is alive beyond Disney.. Or isn't? Take a look at this pic by Gianax

Many people fell in love with the character and decided to show this love by paying an hommage to it on their own skin. This tattoo is clearly inspired by the late '800 style.

We have published the record Alice to tell the world of music. A music world connected to Wonderland, not just because of its social and psychological connections, but als because in Miraloop's world, the 4 symbols of the cards are the 4 symbols of the record labels. The lyrics are about a "Wonderland" seen from the eyes of the singer-songwriter, a different way to describe an emotional experience. The song was release in 2009.

In 2013 the EP Alieno was released and the song was recorded in a much higher pitch (thanks to the growth of the vocal range of the singer), with a lesser vintage influence and a major EDM touch. Listen to the album version of Alieno:

Is there going to be a new version? Keep on following us on Miraloop and have a nice trip in Wonderland, a beautiful story of how imaginative ideas can live forever.



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