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Clubs enters the stores with a closed number with a "trick": the sublabel

Di Staff
Data di pubblicazione 11/02/2011's done. After a year of waiting, Miraloop Clubs is finally in the store dance, even if divided into four parts, just like Miraloop itself is divided into four labels. In fact, 4 sub-labels have been created to allow the Miraloop EDM scene, or Miraloop Clubs, to sell the music. The division was an obligatory and requested step, because Beatport refused several times Clubs as a generalist label of the Dance sector. Clubs, in fact, has debuted with both breaks songs, that with a Goa compilation, but also electro and progressive songs. Just like Hearts ranges from Italian style trip-hop.

But the Anglo-Saxons and Americans are trying to create an easily oriented market, so they don't like different musical styles united in one. Imagine if we had asked to join Beatport as Miraloop Records, presenting a production company that actually ranges from contemporary to punk, from electronics to the various genres of the EDM scene. It's a bit sad to see one's own vision outside the orientation of the current market, which wants to divide and catalogue everything. It doesn't take long to imagine that, being so, the discography will quickly pass into Youtube's hands!

But let's leave this debate to another place. Beatport and two other dance-oriented stores (these are stores that publish exclusively dance music) has therefore accepted Clubs as four single realities, four pieces of the same puzzle. Let's go and find out what they are:

JACK OF CLUBS RECORDS Only progressive house & minimal

KING OF CLUBS RECORDS Only electro & electro house

10 OF CLUBS RECORDS Goa & Psytrance

With these 4 brands, which will start publishing music in March 2011, Miraloop Clubs enters Beatport and opens the doors of the EDM world after a long wait. There is now a gender problem for projects outside of these 4 "cards". But we have no problem opening up 20 more brands. The hassle is if Facebook will become paid for. Let's see...

We leave you with one of the first covers, it will be Jack of Clubs Records that will start with a cross-publishing of a release that some of you have already heard, in collaboration with Enzo Elia and Matteo Scaioli:



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