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Devon Miles - Love Ain't Just Enough. The Official videoclip

Data di pubblicazione 12/02/2017

With its unique style Miraloop presents Devon Miles and the videoclip for his latest single Love Ain't Just Enough. The story is about a young couple with different interests: he loves the world of art and loves to paint, she doesn't care about that world. A love that tries to meet halfway, that tries to overcome the obstacle, the difference of opinions on the subject and the vision of life. With his lover Devon tries to chase his passion: paint.

The video, shot in Bologna, presents a series of images with autumn colors alternating with past memories expressed in shades of white and black. Through graphic animation and video editing technique this video presents a mix of light filters that embraces every moment of the images interlinked and used to describe every single detail of this story in the best way. This video was made by using different techniques including the overlaps of the reflection of Devon's sunglasses, used as a green screen, the technique that allows you to combine multiple video sources, to tell the thoughts of the singer. You may also notice that the graphic effect and sound are synchronized by creating a connection between sound basses and colors. The colour is well adapted to every single image, to every single sound it expresses, in a visible way, the mutation of the story told, ending with illustrations with warm colours and involving the listener emotionally.


For this video, shot and edited by Niccolò Sacco, we thank Galleria Bongiovanni for the location and for letting us expose the paint, Gerolamo who painted the oil on canvas, and the talented Ilaria who played Devon's girlfriend.



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