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Doremi by Ethiopia Ringaracka n.4 Beatport Top100 Releases

Data di pubblicazione 03/04/2018

Ethiopia Ringaracka is the most successful ghost project of the Ethnotronica music genre created by Miraloop Spades! As soon as it was released, the single Doremi reached #30 on the Reggae-Dancehall-Dub tracks chart on Beatport, the most important music platform of electronic independent (and not) music of the world. Doremi is a fresh, powerful track with a catchy melody that reminds you of Moombathon and Afro music: wobbly movement between 90 and 105 bpm. Some fan of afro music will notice that unlike most current productions, the bass sounds like the one used in the 70s and 80s reggae music, but with a more futuristic and gummy sound... Pure Miraloop experimentation. 


Listen to Doremi



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