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For the first time in forever Miraloop Records has its 4 labels in charts at the same time

Data di pubblicazione 31/03/2018

Today is a beautiful day in Bologna. It's the saturday before Easter, the offices are closed, but we celebrate: this week (from 24th to 31st of march), for the first time in forever, Miraloop Records has its 4 labels, HeartsClubsSpades and  Diamonds on differents charts.

It's a pretty big deal!

Let's see who made it in the charts:

Ethiopia Ringaracka - Doremi (USA-Beatport-n.3)
genre: reggae-dub-dancehall
with Miraloop Spades

Ancient & Rare Italian Music of the XVI century (Perù-iTunes-n.4)
genre: classical
with Miraloop Diamonds

Geo From Hell - Stupidisco (Italia-iTunes-n.192)
genre: dance
with Miraloop Clubs

Nitai - Senza Catene (Italia-Amazon-n.11)
with Miraloop Hearts

Mr Loop - Siberia (USA-Beatport-n.41)
two different charts, with two different genres: future house / progresive house
with Miraloop Clubs

Antonio Bellantoni - Aesthetic Pleasure (USA-Beatport-.n26)
three different charts, three different genres: progressive house / dance / drum & bass
with Miraloop Spades

You can listen to the tracks by clicking on the title of the release ;)

Hope you have a nice Easter weekend!



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