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Gabriella Monte - Fading: the official videoclip

Data di pubblicazione 02/02/2013

On the background of the famous film: Love Affair by Leo McCarey, Miraloop presents the videoclip for Fading by Gabriella Monte. It's a video merely based on video editing. Love Affair was re-created and re-edited for the use of the song and music narration. Times and dialogues are reversed, scenes switch places, shrinking in a total of 3 minutes to narrate Gabriella's song. The sound created by Gerolamo Sacco is made of jazz samples from the '30s and original recordings. The videoclip realized by Niccolò Sacco and Alberto Berardi experiments on the editing, for the creation of a video that is a must of the golden age of Hollywood, to describe feelings and moments of a melancholic song full of emotional pathos.



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