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Generazione "reloaded" (2015) version by Borz with the official video clip

Di Staff
Data di pubblicazione 02/02/2015

Borz is back! Generazione 2015 is the exclusive remix taken from the album "Follia Quotidiana" by the rocker from Spilamberto, a town in the province of Modena capital of balsamic vinegar and electro rock made in Italy. He is Borz. Yeah, and while you're sitting comfortably on the sofa, Borz is very, very pissed off!
He is not only angry with those who fight or create terror, he is pissed off with the total absence of brains of our societies, in Italy as in Paris, in Russia as in the United States, everywhere there is a manipulation, a brainwashing that creates the emptiness of minds, as under the effect of "virtual drugs".
Those diversions that prevent us from thinking.
The Generation of Horror is the one that lives in the pursuit of consumerism, war, terrorist attacks, the growing arms industry, the power of corrupt politics. That Generation of Horror, of which the masked man is part, is called to choose whether to act now or to remain silent forever!
Perhaps a theme too "big" for pop music... Or not...
What do you think?



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