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Gerolamo Sacco - Casa mia: the official video and photo gallery

Data di pubblicazione 22/12/2019

The official video of Casa mia (My home), premiered exclusively on TPI, is just like an illustration book. Released as an exclusive premiere on October the 25th 2019 on TPI News, it is also the very first video since the release of Mondi Nuovi (New Worlds), the latest album, which actually starts with Casa mia: 15 songs telling the story of a journey out of Earth... it is a journey within ourselves. A sequence of symbolic and dreamlike images, between reality and illusion. The distortion of our everyday life creates connections with the subconcious, giving birth to metaphysical worlds. 

The video, entirely made by Miraloop, was artistically directed by Niccolò Sacco, who not only took care of pictures and illustrations, but also of its shooting and editing. Among the elements of the pan-European architecture (Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany) and space images allow the viewer to enter the protagonist's world, outlining his entropy, creating a sequence of scenes where the main focus is always on the character and the moon, which the song is dedicated to. 

The video was mostly appreciated by Youtube playlist's administrators. Thanks to the insertion of the song in some of Italian music's most followed playlists, the video already reached and overtook 100.000 views. 

The most beautiful frames of the video, carefully well-finished one by one, were selected in this gallery that we dicate to you. There are about 50 pictures in it, telling the video's story. You can linger on the small details or look at thel altogether, with a very high-resolution, just leafing through them as you would do with an illustration book. Enjoy! 



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