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Gerolamo Sacco - Notte di Foglie, the videoclip

Data di pubblicazione 10/12/2017

With the background of the colors that embrace the autumn Gerolamo Sacco presents the single Notte di Foglie, an autumn dream between reality and magic. The song tells of a love born in the autumn season and plays, from the beginning, on the assonance between the words "folle" and "foglie" through a nursery rhyme recited in a low voice, which will then turn into an emotional chorus, open, almost lyrical. The song, rock in the idea even before in the sounds, takes the spirit of the Italian new wave but is painted by touches of pure electronic music: low blows at 50 hertz mark, inexorable, one rhyme after another. Music is at the centre of this love nest, where the sensuality of the couple strips the trees and all the leaves instead of falling.

The videoclip, interpreted by Erika Albonetti together with Gerolamo and a red dragonfly, has been realized with a low budget profile and it doesn't lack of fantasy: the editing revolves around the two scenarios of the song, the real one and the magic one. The "real" scenario is represented with a soft yellow colour, almost desaturated, while the "magic" one is narrated through blue, cold and electric tones. It will be in this magical scenario that the two protagonists, the girl and the singer, will live a story together, after having researched and desired it through creativity and imagination. The technology used by Miraloop with the green screen becomes able to recreate worlds with simple means: the dance of the protagonists and the flight of Erika on the leaf closes the story in a blaze of sounds, rhythms and colors.


Thanks to Niccolo Sacco for shooting and editing the video for Miraloop. Also, a huge thank you to the talented Erika Albonetti for collaborating with us and helping us bring to life this videoclip.



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