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La Percezione del Nero by Fata, the first album with Miraloop Hearts 2009

Di Staff
Data di pubblicazione 29/05/2009

Bologna, May 23rd 2009. We give to all the fans of Miraloop the wonderful news that to the catalogue of Miraloop Hearts are added the Fata, historical band from Carpi that for years is making him talk about himself in the indie circuit and not only, with their only album released by a label: "La Percezione del Nero". Fata's electro-pop / new wave sound is Miraloop Hearts with an (exceptionally) indie rock touch. Miraloop will release digitally La Percezione del Nero, an album self-produced and physically printed by Fata themselves in 2008. The release of La Percezione del Nero includes several special contents, including four videos taken from the album's songs: L'Assenza, L'Evidenza, Tempo alle tue Parole and Tempo alle tue Parole Live. We point out that the videos are available in all stores that have enabled the sale of video clips such as ITunes.



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