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Mauro Cappilli photographed at Miraloop recording studio in Bologna

Data di pubblicazione 25/07/2020

The artist Mauro Cappilli, who debuted with his solo career with a six tracks album called "White Sands" reached two important placements in Italian Charts (Top 200Electronic/Top 200 All Genres Apple Music Italia). He was photographed at Miraloop Studios, the recording studios of Miraloop recording label in Bologna. 

You can see him alone holding his guitar and with Gerolamo Sacco, producer of his first album.

Just enjoy the atmosphere of Miraloop's studios by scrolling the gallery dedicated to Mauro and please enjoy listening to White Sands! 



Stream and enjoy White Sands on YouTube and YouTube Music!

And if you like it, don't forget to show your support for indipendent music: download the album here!



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