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Miraloop Acquaparty 2019 | The Gallery

Data di pubblicazione 01/08/2019

The great Acquaparty Miraloop Acquaparty is back to the splendid location of Villaggio in 2019 to entertain the whole region of Emilia Romagna. After the break in 2018, which saw the temple of the historic "Acqua Dj Set" - invented by Miraloop - populated by comedians and songwriters, we return with our "sunset pool party" format from 7.30 pm to 1 am with our sound system and, of course, our team. Resident DJ remains Gerolamo Sacco, joined again this year by Devon Miles, who this year opened 3 Jova Beach with his band. The characteristic of the party is that you dance in the water. Music from Miraloop and much more. We always take some photos: we dedicate the gallery to all the guests who populated it and... Take a look!



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