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Miraloop Acquaparty 2019 Compilation #30 Top 200 All Genres / #37 Top 200 Pop - iTunes Italy

Data di pubblicazione 09/08/2019

Once upon a time there was a pool party. Since 2013 Miraloop has been planning the pool party at Villaggio della Salute Più every saturday, and this year the party inspired a compilation. The idea of making a compilation was born mainly because we play a lot of our records during these parties, and we thought it was a great opportunity share some of them. 22 tracks of different genres, 15 classics and 7 unreleased tracks, published under Miraloop Records Hearts for affinity reasons, but some of them were published under other labels like Miraloop Records Clubs and Spades. Miraloop Acquaparty Compilation 2019 is rewarded by entering the charts: #37 of the Top 200 Pop chart and #30 of the Top 100 All Genres on iTunes, among the most famous compilations. Thanks to all the artists (19) who participated and of course, to the fans who bought their digital copy to support the independent market.



We say goodbye with a small gallery of the party that inspired these songs. The third italian pool party for entrances, location: Villaggio della Salute Più, created by Miraloop. Dj resident Gerolamo Sacco, special guest Devon Miles.



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