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Miraloop Clubs with TimeRec on Radio 105 in the InDaKlubb Label Selection

Di Staff
Data di pubblicazione 18/07/2015

Miraloop Clubs is in the LABEL SELECTION of the week 29/2015 on Radio 105 together with TimeRec of Brescia. DJ Andrea Belli has selected 3 tracks just released on Miraloop Clubs to represent our label. They are:

MR LOOP - Macadamia

D.A.D.D. feat ROMY - #FYD


Of these three, one (MrLoop's Macadamia) is just fresh off the charts on Beatport and 105 awarded us as label of the week together with a special guest, the historic Time Records of Brescia. A special thanks to our Gimmy who personally contacted the radio and to Andrea Belli of Radio 105 who chose Miraloop for his mixed selection of about 12 minutes.

Listen to Miraloop Clubs on Radio 105.
Label of the week 29/2015 by 105 INDAKLUBB (official page) together with Time Rec.
Soundcloud link:



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