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Miraloop will have 4 completely different labels, each one following a specific target

Di Staff
Data di pubblicazione 07/01/2008

Miraloop will be the first independent production company able to work on any musical genre, thanks to the creation of four record labels each operating on a specific field and managed differently. The labels will be divided like card signs.

Hearts: songs, pop-rock-electro. Management: Gerolamo Sacco
It will be the first Italian electropop label and will also release music by foreign artists.

Clubs: edm/dance. Sign:fire. Management: Michele Casetti
It will be a label of dance music free from predefined stylistic schemes, open to different EDM worlds.

Spades: electronic, experimental. Sign:air. Management: Gerolamo Sacco
It will be the first Italian electronic music label ever.

Diamonds: classical, contemporary. Sign:earth. Management: Alessandro Ratoci
It will be the first digital era label dedicated to classical and contemporary music

The Miraloop site will have this conformation from before its debut, which will take place between the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009.
It will help us to tell our idea to the production works.



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