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Miraloop wins the prize for "New Musical Productions" of 2020 Bologna City of Music

Data di pubblicazione 23/12/2020

Bologna, 21st of December 2020 

Taken from Bologna Città della Musica 

Here can be found the winners of some funds available to music producers that the Municipality of Bologna appointed to companies as a pioneering action in order to support the music industry, a sector that has been particularly hit by the Covid 19 sanitary crisis. The results of this initiative turned out to be way above expectations, with 207 projects coming from record labels (to which the project was mainly addressed to) managements agencies, world of third sector and independent artists. 

The response from the whole City of Music was quite solid showing how music operators actually feel the urge to work during this period, in which concerts and live performances are suspended, creating new musical content. 

"We want live performances to start again very soon - states Matteo Lepore, Councillor for Culture at the Municipality of Bologna - but meanwhile musicians can't just stand by, waiting: we created this new project to support the creative phase, by encouraging them to prepare new contents that can be offered live to the public as soon as possible. Bologna is the "city of music" not only for her glorious past, but especially for a present in which production has a lead role, with several professionals involved in the industry on our territory". 

Looking at the details, 14 projects were selected from those sent in by local labels, 11 from agencies, industries and professionals of the music industry and 21 from third sector entities. 

By an overall look, the majority of the submission concern album production, both in digital and CD format, with vynils coming back in a big way, but there was lack of submission for artistic residences, sound documentaries and media products. 

All projects present high quality production and a professional approach to the entire creation process.  

Miraloop is one of the winners together with other historical labels like Garrincha Dischi, 42 Records and Irma Records.

Miraloop wins "New Musical Productions" award in the sector of independent productions together with Garrincha Dischi, 42 Records and Irma Records. Moreover, we were pleased and surprised to see that the picture chosen to announce the results on Bologna City of Music's social media pages was the one of Miraloop Studios control room. 

Miraloop was awarded with the prize after a 2020 full of cutting-edge musical productions crossing over several genres and styles of music, from pop to soundtracks, R'n'B and Ethnotronica. During 2020, Miraloop Records, with its four independent labels, realised 26 publications, of which 16 singles and 10 albums, for a total of 100 songs, an average of a new release every 3-4 days.

These songs reached national and international charts 24 times, scoring about 1.400.000 between downloads and streams.

You can download and stream them from the page of the four independent labels of Miraloop Records.

Enjoy our catalogue and we'll see you soon in 2021 with some new and thrilling publications we have in store for you.



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