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Radio Miraloop, Miraloop

Di Staff
Data di pubblicazione 11/05/2018

Bologna, February the 2nd 2018. Radio Miraloop is born.

Radio Miraloop is an ambitious and fun project, born from the Italian recording company Miraloop’s need for an autonomous way of managing the musical flow.

In the era of Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, and Tim Radio, a “Web Radio” represents a real luxury, because as far as these services are sci-fi-like in terms of customer usage all around the world, they do not provide the “maker”, the one who “makes” music, with the possibility to guide the listener accordingly to his or her communicational needs. This fantastic services decide how to steer the listener, which gives a great advantage to the “big players” out there. It is quite unbearable, however, for a recording company which first of all produces genres invented out of nowhere and proposes almost totally unknown artists to a grand public, throwing itself in the market as an equal to the “big”, but obviously using different means. The reason is simple: the exploitation systems’ algorithms take the number of listeners as the customer satisfaction parameter.

Let’s give an example: Martina is a girl who loves Italian pop music. Martina like the song “Unici” by Nek. “Unici” by Nek is a hit, sponsored by a huge multinational corporation. “Unici” has millions of views on Youtube- 5 million, to be exact.. Martina for sure would also fancy the song “La Nostra Soluzione” by Nearco, because it’s the same genre, the two songs could easily appear next to each other on the same dj set. Both are in Italian with a strong accent of the Emilia Romagna region, both with captivating and modern electropop sound, both 100 bpm, slow beat, great energy. But, Youtube will never suggest “La Nostra Soluzione” for Martina to listen, it will rather go for a song which has more or less the same amount of views as “Unici”. One of the possible connections Youtube could make, could be, for instance, a piece by Alvaro Soler. Why? Becasue “Unici” has 5 million views, and “La Nostra Soluzione” 120 thousand. And Youtube could not care less about promoting music. “This is the point”, as they say in London.

We, on the other hand, want to diffuse what we do, with body and soul, every single day.

That’s why we’ve decided to take care of guiding the listener ourselves. To make them participate in the journey within themselves, where our musical genres, our proposals, our solutions are protagonists of an original, active and powerful current. A musical current in which listeners will be given an opportunity to enjoy themselves, listening to the pure, Italian electropop, without being redirected to the major products by some algorithm in an automatic way. One hour. One hour of Italian electropop. And many more hours of other, totally different genres, telling different stories, in different worlds.

Miraloop, active on the market since 2008/2009, has already collected a catalogue of more than 900 music tracks. This very catalogue initiated the show schedule of Radio Miraloop, with almost twenty different programs, embellishing, hour after hour, the days of all our online visitors. Radio Miraloop was established with the intention of creating a little world enclosing our musical recordings. Little, but not allowing for shortcuts or compromises, and definitely having lots to say. The world of music going 24/7 every day, with a complete rotation every five days, constantly renovated and enriched with unpublished tracks and brand new productions. Day after day, month after month, year after year.

We have set up a mail where all of you, our listeners, can contact us and send us your samples and ideas: we will include them in the schedule so you can have loads of fun listening to yourselves announcing one of our little, independent gems.

There’s nothing more to add than wishing you all lots of fun enjoying Miraloop’s music anytime you want.

Radio Miraloop



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