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New Wave Dark + Reggae = Deggae

Di Staff
Data di pubblicazione 14/09/2013

Releasing “Wake up” by Pablo Ort, Miraloop and #Spades have proposed for the first time a fusion between reggae and new wave. The darkwave (here it’s not important if New Wave, Post Punk or Gothic…) and the Reggae music have only one thing in common: the historical period when they became popular as mass social phenomena, the eighties. But we enjoyed putting them together, anyway, just to listen to something new, to scream against war (this is Wake Up’s theme). Dark + Reggae? In a simpler way “deggae”. And deggae will be, forever. #Deggae is the brotherhood between distant worlds, #deggae is to put something where it has never been before. Is there a “dark” side of deggae music? Before now, no. Well, this is our game.

This record, written by Pablo Ort (Fabio Colombo’s stagename) and worked in studio by Gerolamo Sacco, is a very important release in Spades history. It’s the first deggae record ever. We’d like to read everywhere “hey, deggae is born!”. But we are a little place in the world, probably this will not happen soon. The song is making people go crazy, especially in West Africa and South America, where the people eat rhythms for breakfast.
We asked Pablo how he created this new music style
“I grew up listening to 2 kinds of different music, roots reggae and 80’s darkwave. The sounds of analogical keyboards and all their introspection had a strong influence on my way of life, these sounds create a contrast with the organs and the jumping guitars. I don’t know if Deggae has a previous version…perhaps this combination happened in the eighties, but I don’t know. For example I noticed that Ian Curtis had a great passion for reggae music, his fav track was “Turn the heater on” by Keith Hudson and when the symbol of new wave was died, the three members of the band dedicated a cover to their friends. I am talking about New Order, of course! In “Decades” by Joy Division and in many other songs by New Order we find elements taken from Augustus Pablo…”
And now let’s see what Gerolamo says:
I produced many tracks in the previous years that are a fusion between this 2 worlds, but I totally ignored that this stuff was the union between “darkwave” and “reggae”, I was convinced I was producing a sort of dance-afro music… Furthermore, i didn’t know what to do with it. Then, last year, I found a first demo of Wake Up and I literally jumped out! I called Fabio and suddenly asked him: “hey, what’s this?” He simply answered me: “it’s deggae”. So I recovered those works I had saved in my studio and I began to work. Wake Up since the first days of publishing is one of the fav reggae tracks on iTunes Italy and West Africa/South America (Brazil first) love this song. If I should define deggae music, I’d say..when you are a dark with a black soul. A sort of new wave music for Jamaicans… I grew up with The Police, and I think that they were the first ones who made this experiment (they made the “white reggae – reggatta de blanc”) but this is another thing. Since that moment, I’ve been working with Pablo to produce many other songs.

Gerolamo invece sta vivendo la nascita del Deggae così:
“Avevo fatto alcune cose per conto mio che fondevano questi due mondi, ma non sapevo ne che “la cosa” fosse la fusione del Dark col Reggae, tantomeno che farmene. Infilavo queste cose nei dj set passando dal dub. Poi l’anno scorso mi è capitata fra le mani la prima incisione di Wake Up di Pablo e sono saltato dalla sedia! Chiamo Pablo, gli chiedo “cos’è sta roba!” e lui mi risponde come fosse un ovvietà: “Deggae”. Ho preso quelle vecchie idee e mi sono messo subito a lavorare, Wake up appena pubblicata è stato tra i pezzi reggae più scaricati da Itunes proprio in Italia, mentre un semplice video ha girato invece parecchio in Sud e Centro America. Dovessi definirlo, direi che Deggae è quando sei dark fino al midollo ma con un animo black. Una new wave per giamaicani. Sono cresciuto coi Police, ma questa è un’altra cosa. Da allora stiamo lavorando nuove cose insieme”

Gira voce che il nuovo pezzo sia ancora più dark, gli studi sono blindati e non possiamo ascoltarlo, ma gira voce che non dovrete attendere molto!

Potete ascoltare Wake Up qui :)

Ed ecco la copertina del singolo in vendita in tutti gli store. Supportateci sempre!



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