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Michele Spanghero at Topolove presents Unsound Zero, on Miraloop Diamonds soon

Di Staff
Data di pubblicazione 15/07/2009

From Saturday, July 4, 2009 to Sunday, July 19, 2009 see you in Topolove, the festival of the "city" most ... interesting in the world. After sunset, in the evening, until dawn, in the dark, in the afternoon, these and other times are the station of Topolove. Isolated, in the mountains, a few hundred meters from a border now light but unlivable until yesterday, that between Italy and Slovenia. The barrier between East and West, without bars, without shops, without public transport, Topolò-Topolove, 33 inhabitants, seems to be the symbol of the hardship of the mountain but, for 15 days, Topolò becomes a small center of the world where artists and researchers from different disciplines, often experimental area, meet and listen to the place to create a unique intervention. Miraloop on July 19 presents Luigi Mastandrea and Michele Spanghero, to whom he welcomes in the big family in these days. The duo will propose to Topolove Juljova hiša: ri-abitare ri-suonare - Camera elettroacustica for double bass, live electronics and sampled sounds. Spanghero has started the recordings of the publication Unsound Zero, magic of electronic music that will be published soon, after having passed through the studios with Diamonds, Miraloop dedicated to contemporary music and research: Stay tuned! See you at Topolò station.



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