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The independent creative scene against the indie rock scene in Italy (by Vince Bacon)

Di Vince Bacon
Data di pubblicazione 15/02/2011

Bologna, February 15th 2011. We report an article found on about the Podcast that Gerolamo Sacco launched on the social network Facebook a week ago, and that will begin on March 18, 2011: "Gerolandia Express". We bring back in full the post of the user of Musicity:

L’indie rock “scordato”? Meglio viaggiare sul nuovo treno

by VinceBacon » today, 13:09

Can you tell me how long you've been talking about indie rock? I honestly don't remember it! Sure it's that "indie" stands for independent and almost emphasized a continuous struggle against the great masters of music to emerge in this environment ..... but today, correct me if I'm wrong, is not all a little too indie?
Yesterday I went to listen to a band in a club and already the name "indie", which headed the promotional poster, had almost made me change my mind. For God's sake, I have nothing against indie music, but I've always seen this genre as a way to immediately "face off" the audience, without the (more or less manipulative) intermediation of certain superpowers in the industry.
Since I've been quite diplomatic up to now, I'll immediately take a definite position saying: "eh mo basta!! you broke up with this indie music!"
The fact is that "indie" is now a fashion, a forgotten guitar, a singer who does everything to sing badly, a drummer who plays with broken sticks ......... of course, you can not make all the grass a bundle, but there is so much indie done so!
But, apart from opinions, don't you think that we have lost a bit of that sort of communion with the public, called to interact "really" with the artist?
Fortunately, these premises of "making art" have not been completely lost.....
The other day, I became aware of a new project launched by MIRALOOP and Gerolamo Sacco.
"Gerolandia express" is a program that simulates a train journey, whose corridors are infested with the music of miraloop and gerolamo sack, and the voices coming from the speakers of the train are the voices of fans! I'll explain better.
The program is designed for the radio and podcasting context where fans are real prosumers, i.e. consumers+producers. The most "loaded" users have already started to send audio content to Gerolamo Sacco who has started to mix it in the music stream, simulating seductive hostesses or insiders of an imaginary train that travels on the tracks of the new and original music of Miraloop.
You may be wondering what this has to do with indie... well, to me it seems much more valid and indie this project, compared to so many shit that you feel around!
If we have to think of the musical future as something that literally breaks down the distance between artist and audience, this is certainly the stage that, for now, brings us closer to the goal.



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