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The Space (Deggae Version) n. 61 on Beatport Top 100 Reggae Dub Tracks

Di Staff
Data di pubblicazione 30/03/2015

March 30th 2015, The Space placed n. 13 on Beatport Top 100 Reggae Dub tracks!
First week after his publications (march 13 2015),  the new trip by Miraloop Spades is on the top! Number 13 is the position for the Kinky Flute version, on position n. 15 we find again The Space, with the Original Killer Dub, and n. 61 with the Original Deggae Version.
This magic mix of sounds coming from Africa, passing from Caribbean is travelling on The Space with a strong power: the Dub! The Space is a crazy Afro dance dubbed five times to obtain five different tracks from the same musical trip. Second release for Ethiopia Ringaracka, a slow-bpm killer loop. Our idea of new reggae is gowing up! Ethiopia Ringaracka is a big project born on december 2014, thinking about a new look for our independent label Miraloop Spades, a magic trip able to unify Caribbean rythm with African tribal rituals. Every reggae -dub production signed Spades uses to mix the reggae rythm with a sort of IDM dna that re-creates the dub and reggae music styles in a dark version. This is why we talk about “deggae”. Reggae music and new wave elements. Enjoy this trip!

Ethiopia Ringaracka – The Space (Kinky Flute Version)

Ethiopia Ringaracka – The Space (Original Killer Dub)

Beatport Top Tracker Classifica Ufficiale



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