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Tommaso Pini, the singer of Crystal Crash triumphs in The Voice of Italy. We

Di Staff
Data di pubblicazione 13/03/2015

Soon we’re goin to tell you about the band with which we partnered some months ago. They’re Crystal Crash. Since few days ago, everyone here is going crazy because the author and the singer of the first single, Panic Attack, which is about to be released, has left the group to thrive in The Voice of Italy, a tv show with Piero Pelù and Raffaella Carrà. Miraloop was Pini’s first choice, but the spotlights have eventually taken the upper hand. Indeed, The Voice has a major scope from the purely material point of view. So, Crystal Crash are looking for a new voice, which won’t be easy given the fact that Pini is quite uniquely equipped:

We’re going to keep you updated on this beautiful Florentine band of Crystal Crash, wishing Tommaso fortune, success, and all the best.



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