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Yaser, former singer of Crystal Crash at "Amici" of Maria De Filippi

Di Staff
Data di pubblicazione 18/11/2017

Do you remember Crystal Crash, our project launched in 2014? The project was born troubled. After closing a quick negotiation with Miraloop at the end of 2013, the group suffered a sudden stop. Miraloop was chosen as a record company by Tommaso Pini (the singer of the time) for its revolutionary attitude and because it provided the band with the power of Miraloop Hearts, one of the rare independent Italian labels to produce electro-pop and one of the equally rare to have started the band from scratch. But Pini, during the preparation of the first single, ends up by surprise at "The Voice of Italy". On television he achieves an excellent result, confirming the artist that Miraloop had sensed and coming second after the acclaimed "Sister Cristina", which instead will result in a record attempt of Universal not gone according to expectations. Pini thus inaugurated a career with Universal Music.

Crystal Crash thus pauses the project to look for a new singer and a studio in Florence to record again, at low cost (recordings had already been made with Tommaso Pini): Miraloop trusts the project by delaying the release of Panic Attack and granting bonuses on the production of the recordings. Panic Attack will be released in October 2014, however getting a few thousand views on Youtube and a good social response. But who sings Panic Attack? Fabio Gonzi's flair as a talent-scout is confirmed, because the new singer is Yaser Ramadan, also from Florence. Yaser is perfect as the new Crystal Crash singer because he can perfectly interpret also the songs written by Pini, which require a high level vocal extension. After Panic Attack there is a second single for Crystal Crash, Turn Up Your Radio, but the band is no longer motivated and will be destined to stop. However, the story has a happy ending: Yaser does not waste his talent and a year and a half later he enters the most important talent show in Italy, Amici di Maria de Filippi. It could be an important showcase and we wish Yaser luck but above all to enjoy a bit of deserved popularity.

The press release reads: Yaser now lives in Florence with his mother and sister. He defines himself as determined and rational. He has many hobbies: chess, videogames, puzzles, mathematics. He would also like to get a degree in physics or study it as a "pensioner". At 17 he started singing with his first band. For three years he has been able to live off music as a singing teacher, and has 30 students. His musical references are Freddie Mercury, John Meyer, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Prince, Bruno Mars, System of a down, Symphony X, Black Sabbath, Ghost.

Good adventure Yaser! We're cheering for you.



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