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Communication & Marketing Solutions

Elyca Consulting

Digital communication consulting 

Ask for your monthly, annual or customized counselling to train your company to meet today's communication challenges without the need to employ external companies. Contact us for an estimate.

Elyca Social Network

Social media management packages 

Specialized communication on web and social network. Organic conversions, use of all the platforms necessary to achieve the objective, starting from Facebook/Instagram e Google/Youtube.

Elyca All Inclusive

100% communication management

Total strategic communication support. Elyca makes your world run at any level. Suitable for different types of sectors and targets, withcustomized and targeted strategies. Includes multimedia production at different levels.


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Advertising campaigns and curiosities from the blog

Elyca best run 2016

Villaggio della Salute Più

Elyca best run 2017

Villaggio della Salute Più

Elyca best run 2018

Visirun - A Verizon Company

Since 2009

Elyca was founded in 2009 as the communication agency of the record company of Miraloop initially working on two communicative fronts: the personal branding for artists and the promotion of multimedia content for the dissemination of online music publications. Over time, the level of multimedia audio, video, graphic and photographic content by Miraloop, developed in an aggressive market such as entertainment, begin to conquer the wordpass also in other sectors, stimulating the opening of our creativity to communication and advertising of other brands, companies, products and services, inaugurating a concept of digital craftsmanship to 360°

The agency opens to companies in 2013 working on advertising, communication, social media, digital identity and marketing strategic, using the power of the original creative material of school showbusiness to perform in auctions and web campaigns more than anyone else. In 2014, with only two clients to our credit, the first important case study, exploit significant clients arrive, on which we build our professional values: unity, passion and avant-garde. In 2015 Marg8.com joins the Elyca project, an Italian web agency that supports the Miraloop team in operations that involve low and high level complexity computer programming, and equips Elyca's proposal with a customized CMS for the development of web sites, BradipOn. In 2018 the agency reached several goals: today it contributes to campaigns and strategies also for brand of multinational companies such as Verizon in Italy and Germany and is the protagonist of the increase in turnover of important local realities.

The fields where the agency has obtained the most significant performances, in addition to the sector of entertainment, where it continues to operate for the parent company, are certainly the beauty & wellness, the tourism and the software, remaining available to new challenges in completely new areas. We are here for passion that comes from creativity. We started marketing by creative instinct and found ourselves increasing the turnover of companies bigger than ourselves. We don't take many customers by choice, we don't want to turn our work into an assembly line because we'd stop having fun and getting out of line results. Instead, we are here to provide our qualities and reveal the potential of companies and brands that in our opinion have something to say. What do you tell us?

About Us


Strategist | Copywriter | Art Direction

Graduate in literature and philosophy, musician and music producer, creator and artistic director of Miraloop, in the section For Brands works as a copywriter and strategist. Creative by vocation, he proposes an experiential marketing model where a fantasy without boundaries becomes the dominant approach on every project, in different types of sectors and budgets.


Designer | Illustrator | Photographer | Videomaker

Visual soul of the project, trained as a designer in one of the most recognized studios in Italy between product and transportation, working for brands like Chicco, Alessi, Fiorucci. With Miraloop he also trained in entertainment. Director of content production, he provides communication with a vast background as a designer.

Maria Luisa (Lulù)

Content Manager | Social Media

Project manager and content manager for Miraloop. With a background in Information Technology and film, she works behind the backends of the Miraloop, Believe, Google, Facebook platforms, crossing data with the utmost care of every little detail and helping the emotional and experiential marketing of the company to plan every achievable goal.


Programmer | Designer

The creative soul of the IT and design part. He trained as a developer, then as an entrepreneur in the IT sector, he joined the Miraloop team both as a partner company Marg8.com and as a creative in the For Brands project, as well as a music producer. He takes care of all the innovative part of digital solutions.


Data Analyst | Web Development 

Entrepreneur at Marg8.com, Miraloop's business partner in the For Brands project, Porthos is the technical soul of the IT part. He specializes in the backend data and SEO with the utmost care of each type of customer. He currently maintains the servers of about 60 websites and handles the crisis management department of the project.

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