Recording Room


Particular attention was paid to the construction of the room, dedicated to soundproofing and acoustic treatment. Particular soundproofing with four sound absorbing layers, from 20 cm to 70 of the ceiling in the recording room, which makes the sound soft, fluid and absorbs the hardest frequencies. In addition to the sound absorbing treatment, reverberation is also treated with Spandre panels: la the the thermo-smoothing of the surface of the polyester fiber underneath the fabric, significantly expands the performance of sound absorption at low frequencies, where the common sound absorbing panels are ineffective. Everything has been designed to achieve a time of reverberation between 0.5 and 0.6 seconds in both rooms, in order to avoid the "anechoic chamber" effect and make the environment functional and pleasant.

The recording room is a small room equipped with a handcrafted vertical piano Piatino from 1915 (perfect for jazz, soundrtacks), Fender Hot Rod Deluxe IV amplifiers, Markbass Marcus Miller Signature CMD 102 250 and DI Box, plus a custom Sonor-Sabian-Yamaha, triggered with Yamaha control unit amd Senheizer microphoned in seven positions. Fully wired Cordial, the recording room sends to the control room 16 microphoned outputs that can be recorded simultaneously through the MOTU system. For the musicians playing together there are 4 headphones in the control room.



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