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Video / Slideshows/ Carousel / Animated Gif / Canvas
Multi-format content for tablets, PC and smartphone. 
Photography, Illustration, Graphics 2D 3D

Supported by Marg8.com

Landing Pages / Conversion Pixels 
Google Analytics /  Customized CMS
Backend design

AdWords Google | Youtube

Lead generation / Brand Awareness
Google AdWords Promotions / Youtube
In-Stream / In-Display / Third parties

Ads Facebook | Instagram

Lead generation / Brand Awareness
Facebook ADS Promotions / Instagram ADS
In-Stream / In-Display / Third parties

Our ADV packages

Turbo Media Content

Promotion of multimedia content

Facebook and Youtube views, use of Youtube In-Stream / In-Display networks and partner companies. Advertising promotion, commercials and multimedia content of all kinds. Made by Miraloop or third parties.

Turbo Promotion

Promotion of advertising and promotional events

The ability to make more visible a page, an event, a corporate communication or direct sales link. Use of Google and Facebook networks for the achievement of commercial objectives and business sector.

Turbo Love Brand

Promotion of a brand through online auctions

Promotion of an entire brand, company or group of content using multiple commercial networks. Even with remarketing and target selection options. Elyca or third party communication request already underway.


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Turbo by Miraloop, since 2012


Turbo by Miraloop is a service created in 2012 to respond to increasingly complex needs in terms of numbers for customers in different operating sectors. We pay particular attention to lead generation and direct sales campaigns, but we also provide services related to SEM and the dissemination of multimedia content such as audio, video and graphics. Our campaigns are mostly carried out with Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, and can be combined with the work of our communication agency, or carried out independently from the production of material. It is a service for small and large companies, but also for individuals and for individual multimedia content, such as audio, video and advertising campaigns.

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