The idea behind and the story of Miraloop Diamonds, the treasure of Miraloop Records

The first classical and contemporary label of the digital era

Miraloop Diamons, the first ever classical and contemporary label of the digital era, from 2007 has been dedicated to the richness of music. The idea of a classic-contemporary label open to cinematic music and jazz, administered by a label capable of handling all different kind of genres was an unparalleled novelty.

Born from the necessity of giving space to a purer musical creativity, and at the same to, creating a world where traditions could explore new post-ideological territories, both acoustic and electronic. Thanks to these peculiarities Miraloop instantly roots itself in the environment attracting attention of composers and performers from Bologna and Firenze.

A place for composers and performers of the future

Dominic Thibault, Andrea Sarto, Paolo Ingrosso, Giampiero Gemini, Raffaele Sargenti, Valerio Murat. In many cases we’re talking about a one-time record adventure. Sarto’s “Tau IV” gets a prize at La Biennale di Venezia, but only one record is circulating, and you can find it in this catalog.

Between the rarity and beauty

Diamonds’ catalog, initially managed by Alessandro Ratoci and Luigi Mastandrea, contains more than 250 records, some of which very rare, like for instance vinyl recordings from Bologna GB Martini Conservatory, Fiesole Music School, Firenze’s Centro Tempo Reale founded by Luciano Berio, or records from Tokyo Opera City Hall by Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra. You can also find vinyl recordings of the historical Fontanamix Ensemlbe’s performances by Aralla e La Licata.

Diamons catalog offers not only unpublished scores like “Hommages” by Sargenti, but also restored ancient scores, taken directly from the libraries and made into records for the first time, as it happened in “Rare and ancient Italian music of the XVI century”, recorded from the scores never used before, also by minor composers like Lambranzi and Rubini.

In the catalog you’ll also find purely historical music, like the records of Lelio Camilieri between 1981 and 2013, which inspired the first ever (remastered) restoration of the celebrated Tape for Live Musician by Albert Mayr, recorded in NY in 1971.


Post - ideology

Besides the rare and precious records, Diamonds proposes also more “pop” visions, connected to the notion of “music for pictures”, that you can find and listen to, in the “cinematic” section. Already few times music from Diamonds has been included in national and international charts, for instance “Tides” by Leo Stesili was awarded the second place on iTunes Italy chart. Recently, the same chart included the already mentioned “Rare and ancient Italian music of the XVI century”, two years after its publication. Another thing you can find in the catalog are some extreme sound explorations, like vinyl recordings of Thibaout, Spanghero, and Marco DIbeltulu, all of which play the main role in Radio Miraloop’s Extreme Sleepers broadcast, a program wholly dedicated to the avant-garde electronic music.

Listen to us on Radio Miraloop

You can listen to everything Diamons has to offer on all streaming platforms and stores, browsing through the website, starting from the section “Music”. You can also listen to the daily "Radio Miraloop" broadcasts.

The Extreme Sleepers (contemporay electronica, cinematic) from 1:00 to 2.00am
Notte Contemporanea (contemporary suite) from 2.00 to 6.30am
Oro (medieval, ancient) from 6.30 to 7am
Cinematica (music for pictures). Four daily programs.
Night Edition: from 12am to 1am. Sunrise Edition: from 7am to 8am. High Noon Edition: from 1pm to 2pt. Dinner Edition: from 8pm to 9pm

Listen for free from any device clicking here: www.miraloop.com/radio

Symbology: Diamonds

In the ancient symbology they represent the quadripartition, the richness. Not the material, but the spiritual one, connected to earth. When Miraloop Records was created, we wanted it to be connected to this element, to represent value and beauty with a pinch of madness.

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