Antonella Brown


From Cuba to Bologna, Antonella Brown makes her debut with a double reggaeton single, which takes us through the streets and atmospheres of Cuba.

Taken from a 2018 interview with the magazine "EL TOQUE"...

"I didn't know my way around La Habana. I hadn't even come alone. I got to the bus terminal and asked how I should proceed to Centro Habana. .. Antonella Brown was 22 years old and received an invitation from a Facebook friend to whom she had sent two audio tracks with her only songs... He told her that they would invariably meet at Galaxy Music at 8 a.m., one of the most well-known studios among urban artists....And I didn't have a penny!!! I had told my mom that I needed money to go to La Habana, because a singer was waiting for me there for a collaboration. She gave me what she could and said: "child, be careful!!!". I had come to sing a "ballad", something romantic, with lots of words. Then, the producer and the people there started celebrating and urged me to release a song. I improvised a melody: "uy, papi, papi, yo sé que te gusta que mueva mi pom-pom Flow".... She ended up very late in the studio and had nowhere to spend the night... She went back to Pinar del Rio, sold a bunch of clothes, borrowed money and returned to La Habana with enough money to be able to record several songs..."
This is the moment when her career began, her dreams became reality....
Antonella Brown, in 2019 recorded her first album entitled I AM ANTONELLA, and also collaborated with other Cuban artists. She publishes for the first time with Miraloop with the double single Ariana/Tiradera, released with the Miraloop Records - Hearts label.


Ariana / Tiradera

Antonella Brown 11/06/2021




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