Giovanni Dettori

Mad Composer   

Giovanni Dettori was born as a guitarist, then, fascinated by music theory, he decided to study Musicology at the University of Pavia.
During the years at the university he attended orchestration and electronic music courses at the Civica Scuola di Musica in Milan and arrangement courses for Big Band Jazz at the CPM in Milan.
After graduation, he worked in the staff of the Orchestra Verdi, where he consolidated his orchestration studies and knowledge of the different instruments that make up a symphony orchestra.
He has composed and produced music and sound design for many advertising campaigns and arranged music for the most varied instrumental ensembles, from single instruments to the symphony orchestra.
In his Youtube channel "artofcounterpoint" you can find lessons of harmony and counterpoint, as well as original arrangements and compositions.


Wasted Planet

Matteo Milani feat. Giovanni Dettori 27/03/2020




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