Luna d'Oriente


Luna d'Oriente banishes the canonical rationality of the expertise of the great to give impetus to the creative impulse, true strength of their creations.

Fabio and Riccardo met in a fortuitous way and never would have let suppose the birth of this musical association.
At that time, in fact, Riccardo had not yet approached the world of sound and his art was that of throwing and manipulating balls and clubs. During a festival of street artists, not far from the Arena of Verona, the two met and improvised, for fun, an exhibition combining their two disciplines, very different but so similar at the same time.

Years later Riccardo began to play handpans, and it was here that, driven by the desire to experiment, they began the first sessions. It was 2013 when the project Luna d'oriente was born. Riccardo then began to travel through Asia and for a long time they lost track of this duo. The creative impetus then arrived at the turn of 2017/2018, when the activity of the duo resumed with the intent to tell, through a series of publications, a journey through places and landscapes in music: a sound mapping related to different geographical areas and cultures. In this perspective takes shape MESOGEIOS, the first work published by the duo for the Miraloop Diamonds label. A record that outlines a historical/geographical landscape related to the Mediterranean, the cradle of our civilization, with particular references to the Hellenic culture: a journey into the journey, to give shape to a classical world made of sounds.

All the tracks have been recorded at the Flaming studio in Verona by Jacopo Gobber, who also took care of the sound design of the whole album.

Fabio Vidali: he defines himself as a sound man. A sound body that explores the various harmonic functions. Researcher, improviser and creator of his own inner soundscapes also in the melodic field.
He trained with Claudio Fasoli (sax) and Filippo Dacò (harmony).


Cinematica Vol I (Myths)

Various Artists 13/05/2022



Luna d'Oriente 28/01/2019




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