Scarlet Supernova

Music Producer   

The Scarlet Supernova project comes as a breath of fresh air in a particular summer, bringing a hypnotic energy to the sound of EDM.

The Scarlet Supernova project was born in 2018, after a period of artistic collaboration between Wiko (Nicola Napoli) and Nivek (Kevin Filice). The project is a hybrid container of tracks, the fusion of ideas of two generations in comparison and different but complementary influences.

Wiko is into music since 1999. Guitarist and metalcore singer with Killin God, Godless Tree & 4TimeDead and in the live shows of the last years dj. He has shared stages with various artists including Esa, Snoop Dogg, Dari, Kg Man, Nitro and many others.

At the age of 18 Nivek begins his artistic career as a DJ in various Italian clubs, experimenting with various musical genres that have directed him towards the production of songs.

In 2018 he released his first single titled "Once Upon a Time", followed by other songs released on labels such as Blancoynegro and Smash Deep.

As of summer of 2020 the project Scarlet Supernova  releases its single debut Domino with the italian label Miraloop Recods - Clubs.



Scarlet Supernova 17/07/2020




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