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The duo known as Sir Jane (Susanna and Daniele), from Bologna, debuts with Atlantide, a deep, metaphorical and visionary song. Simply hypnotic!

Susanna Regazzi and Daniele Raffaelli met a few years ago when they found themselves playing together at the rehearsals of a national competition. From there they realized they shared a strong musical taste and Susanna decided to include him in the Sir Jane project started the year before with the collaboration of V Moz.

Susanna Regazzi (1993), singer, actress and model. She has been playing different instruments since she was a child. She studied theater for several years, with Oscar De Summa, Davide Pedrini, Stefano Cutaia, LenzParma associated with Arrigo Boito conservatory... She attends a dubbing school in Bologna. She has often worked as an extra and this summer (2020) she had a small role in a TV series, Summertime (Netflix) and in various commercials. She graduated at the conservatory in pop and rock singing, pupil of Rossana Casale, Beatrice Sarti, Susanna Parigi, Fabiola Ricci, Cristina Renzetti, Irene Robbins. She has been teaching singing on natural voice for 10 years with a method she founded based on psychosomatics and bioenergetics of the body in relation to the voice, she writes her own songs for various projects (Sir Jane, Indigo..). She plays bass and keyboards for Ibisco (Sony and Universal). She has been working as a professional model for 4 years, hairmodel, e-commerce.

Daniele Raffaelli (1990), bassist. He began playing clarinet as a child and then switched to electric bass at the age of fourteen. He attended various music schools in Bologna and Rome, and graduated in Commercial Music at UWS (University of West of Scotland) in 2016. During his studies he has the opportunity to study with various bassists established in the Italian scene, like Dado Neri (Nannini, Pelù) and Giambattista Giorgi (Tozzi). Once graduated, he further deepens his musical training with the guidance of bassist Federico Malaman (Biondi).

He collaborates with Nicola Venieri, sound engineer for Vasco Rossi, in the "Volium Project". Since 2018 he joins, as bassist, the Eusebio Martinelli Gipsy Orkestar project, doing numerous live shows in Italy and Europe.

At the same time he works with several musicians and singers of the music scene of Bologna, including Susanna Regazzi with whom he collaborates in the duo SirJane.

Alongside his live and studio activities, he teaches electric bass at two schools in the province of Bologna.



Sir Jane 10/09/2021



Sir Jane 28/05/2021


Atlantide (Gerolamo Sacco Club Mix)

Sir Jane feat. Gerolamo Sacco 09/04/2021



Sir Jane 19/02/2021


Odissea 1984

Francesco Malaguti 07/08/2020




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