il Baskerville

🔥 Singer, Composer, Pianist   

From baroque to indie pop: a singer-songwriter who thinks he's an intellectual but loves the hits. A kaleidoscope of stories & atmospheres in between genres

Indie pop, 70s rock, baroque opera: after crossing these worlds, composer and keyboard player Jacopo Raffaele has brought these styles together in his songwriting project, adopting a pseudonym - il Baskerville - in which the literary roots of his universe resonate. The debut album "Cornetti caldi anche di notte" - the result of the collaboration with the lyricist Paolo Bellomo and the producer Gerolamo Sacco - is a kaleidoscope of atmospheres always in balance between genres: from the irresistible funk of "Via Pasubio" to the Cabaret of "Parigi no no no!" passing through the electropop of "Statistiche" and "Affair", il Baskerville proposes a series of stories that will make more than one generation travel, dream and dance.


Cornetti caldi anche di notte

il Baskerville 17/09/2021


La Rivoluzione / Statistiche

il Baskerville 23/10/2020




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