Gerolamo Sacco


Release date: 18/12/2008

Indie Pop Rock & Alternative
Margherita, one of the first tracks Gerolamo Sacco sang and produced, talks about the game of the daisy (Margherita is the italian name for daisy) “She loves me / she loves me not”, doesn’t talk about romance. The song is about our life’s choices, as the game suggests. Margherita is a sort of muse that plays with men who hand her a flower (and also with other characters, like a powerful king, an oracle, a friend) in order to choose for them. Together with the first version of Alice, this is the first song that Gerolamo produces and sings for himself. His fans have waited 4 years for the LP containing Margherita, which is called Alieno, album that contains completely different tracks, with “other” voices, moods and sounds

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