Gabriella Monte


Release date: 05/03/2009

Indie Pop Rock & Alternative
Steal, a song talking about lovers (why have I to steal a boy who’s mine?) is a dance-pop trip realized in 2009 before many other major releases with the same ambience and mood. … The release contains two tracks, an extended remix and a radio edit, a nice song in a great electro pop arrangement with an R&B reference. Fantastic doubling voice for Gabriella Monte who performs the song and adding her typical touch rich of sensuality and irriverence. Curiosity? The word pronunciation of “Steal” change during the song. In the bridge we find the english pronunciation, in the chorus an italian one ! Pay attention to the vocal riff in the extended version: killer! Editor’s note 2013. The original version has been mastered with too many bass frequencies to obtain a shocking effect, but it has been re-mastered. We”ll notice you about a re-mastering of Steal. See you soon friends :)!

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