Gerolamo Sacco

Quella Volta al Mare

Release date: 22/07/2009

A great electro-twist by Gerolamo Sacco. Here the combination of sounds is a little different by the previous work, the vocals of Serena Savi are amazing and for the first time there is the featuring of the imaginary ensemble as orchestra. Two versions, one that follows the 90’s italian dance music sang by LaRose, one that celebrates the italian 80s’ with the voice by Arianna Rinaldi aka Ariella! It’s impossible to listen to the song and not to be transported away..probably towards the sea, as the song says. Very evocative, but immediate at the same time: the usual sign by Gerolamo Sacco! Quella Volta al Mare is the 6th song that pre-announce Alieno album: the LP will be released in 2013. The album will contain a new version with a really modern and futuristic sound: you’ll love it!



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