Micro Remix

Release date: 23/04/2009

Electronica Dance | MNML | Prog
Think about a square box full of bouncing balls. Try to imagine: you want one of these little balls, but you are not able to catch it, you follow it with some glances, then you loose it between all those many, little, shiny disco balls. An image a little bit obsessive, a little bit psichedelic, where different colours mix into only one flashy picture. A moving postcard signed by Gerolamo Sacco with the original samples of “Micro” by Click, published by Miraloop Spades some months ago. Just great. A robotic voice, "Icarooo" that sounds like an invitation to dance in the sky. A retro-futuristic work, originally published in the pop division of Miraloop, and noq here, in the sperimental section, Spades.

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