Gerolamo Sacco


Release date: 07/08/2009

Indie Pop Rock & Alternative
Venere ”…who could have been if not Gerolamo Sacco! His new work contains three versions of the same song. The first track “Venere-electrotwist trip” starts with a gong that leave the scene to an ‘80ies drum and a robotic voice, probably a venusian voice. The song talks about another world, a post modern world, made of gas cloudes and a purple sky…Venusians seem to envy our world but, listening to the song we realize that our earth is not so different by that devastated world decribed by alien’s voice…conceptual Gero! The vocal inserts of Romina Palladino aka Vivian, in the part of the girl from earth, breaks to the main riff, adding musicality and a bit of pop stuffs…perfect! The other tracks are “Venere-radio edit” and “Venere-sule mani”. Stay tuned! Note: Venere is the fifth song taken from the forthcoming Alieno LP.

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