Gerolamo Sacco

Amyl part 6

Release date: 08/08/2011

Ethnotronica (World) Electronica Prog - Minimal
This is a part of the adventures of Amyl, “the damaged piano”, a prepared piano coming from the first years of 20th century now became a sort of drum machine and an explosive library of samples. This violent downtempo trip is the second release of the Amyl adventure, the sixth track taken from the forthcoming LP “Amyl” by Gerolamo Sacco. The italian composer and producer will bring soon to Miraloop Spades, the experimental label of Miraloop, an entire album based on a prepared piano sounds together with any kind of electronics. About part 6? “Try to put in the same room John Cage, Aphex Twin and a crazy DJ: the result will be something like this!”

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