Release date: 26/05/2016

Electronica Prog - Minimal
Kodama is the second LP by italian producer and synth maker Fabrizio Savio, the first with the project signed as Brist. The young boy from Cantù presents a really new sound ambient, totally engineered and composed with an analogic synth of his own construction, telling about sensations, colours and images of a “wandering” Japan. The flowers, the sea, the ancient trees and the big mountain, paper butterflies and kimono girls dance around Fabrizio “Brist” Savio’s head building up a concert of synthetic elements combined in an organic way. Kodama is electronic, Kodama is organic. Kodama lives thru the memory of a wandering mind lost in a no-time Japanese feeling, where nature and culture fill up in a new dimension, a new state of consciousness. Produced together with Gerolamo Sacco, Kodama is a 12 tracks LP. A imaginery Prelude opens the door to the vision and Eclipse, the second track, will remind you Sunspot (the other Savio’s music project) with clear dub influences. Sakura and Paper Butterfly, gentle techno influenced visions, fight against Wandering Mind and Tsunami, pure electro-synthetic bombs of colour and sounds. While Blue Breath and the Sea of Trees show an enhanting side of experimental / exploration technologic music. The story ends with “Endless Floating World”, a strange experience of moving patterns that is made to make you relax and re-loop the entire music album.

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