Gerolamo Sacco feat. Devon Miles

Batman & Bugo

Release date: 11/09/2020

Indie Pop Rock & Alternative
After the long space journey told in Nuovi Mondi, Gerolamo finally lands on Earth. Italy, year 2020. There are two superheroes: a classic one, Batman, and a more modern one, the singer Bugo, that frame a love story born on the rooftops of a romantic, noir and funny Bologna. "Che succede? E poi si svuota la città" ("What's going on? And then the city empties.") But the singer-songwriter has "arsenale ritmico sottoterra nel garage" ("a rhythmic arsenal underground in the garage") and is not afraid: a trumpet riff runs relentlessly through almost the entire song, making us dance to a deep lyric in which there is the story of the whole 2020. Devon Miles, at the end, launches the last round of the orchestra, to be listened to and danced to till' the last second.

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