Devon Miles


Release date: 15/10/2020

R'n'B Soul - Trip Hop
Inspired by the artwork and subsequent exhibition in Bucharest, Romania (UNDERPRESSURE January 2020) by Italian artist Stefania Bartolucci, PRESSURE is a track that speaks light to the listener. Written before the Covid-19 Pandemic, the George Floyd incident and the surge of the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement, PRESSURE has proven to be sort of Prophetic. A blend of afro chants, cinematic style drums, and a laid-back-but-thumping delivery all interlaced with a touch of the spiritual, PRESSURE engulfs the listener in a sonic vortex, much like riding the crest of a wave and ending up on the seashore. Devon Miles, with this track, sends a message of resistance, of hope, and of perseverance. In his own words: "To everyone all over the world, to all hurting in these trying times, to all being their brother's keeper and lending a helping hand, to all you heroes in the frontline, to all who have lost someone they love, to all battling addictions and sickness, to all spreading the good news of the gospel of salvation, to all giving their all to make our world a better, safer place, I say - Don't give up! Keep your head up and no matter what - WE WON'T GO DOWN!!!"

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