Monna Lira

Cobalto (Il momento più bello dell'anno)

Release date: 06/07/2021

Indie Pop Rock & Alternative
"Cobalto" is the feeling of the moment when we manage to escape the usual narratives of ourselves and our lives and suddenly everything becomes possible. With these words, the Apulian artist Sara Gamarro, aka Mona Lira, describes Cobalto (Il Momento più Bello dell'Anno), the debut track with the label Miraloop Records - Hearts. An electric, feminine and colorful debut single with an electronic twist production by Gerolamo Sacco that modulates chords and colors at 160 beats per minute, taking the Italian rock of the eighties where we left it when it used to crush the charts. Scents and sensations of other times but riding an almost futuristic wave of an Italian music without compromises.

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