Serena Zaniboni

Pensieri digitali / Butterfly

Release date: 10/12/2021

Pop - Dance
PENSIERI DIGITALI The song was written during lockdown, at the beginning of the pandemic. They are thoughts on the feeling of loss and bewilderment that we, young people, felt seeing everything get lost and losing everything in such a short time, even our dreams, in front of a future that was already uncertain and that became unknown in an instant. A moment where only fear raged. Young people like me who have chosen a complex job, who have decided to follow their dreams by giving up all economic and securities to live on their emotions, creating their work day by day. Studying, preparing, and always believing. I then talk about my relationship with music, in a utopian and romantic, intimate way. Music as medicine and art that becomes energy to not give up. Thought is digital. It is typed because I reflect on the virtual world that is now considered human. I reflect on the volatility and value of every action and every moment uploaded to virtual social platforms that, even if immortalized, lasts only a moment. It doesn't stay and doesn't make history "Ma il profondo sempre suonerà". --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BUTTERFLY I tell about a very complicated moment in my life where a person close to me was in pain. I tell about the pain and her pain, I imagine my pain as a butterfly that tries every day to wake him up from that concrete condition that, although tenacious, the butterfly could not scratch. The metaphor also symbolizes the strength of a woman who every day struggles against a condition stronger than her and every day continues to knock on that door. Until she realizes that she would not be the one to save the condition itself. Not her and not even your pain. Love will continue to knock on the door even though the knocks will no longer resound' on the wall. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BUTTERFLY Serena Zaniboni: LYRIC AND MUSIC Claudio Vignali: MUSIC, PIANO Nicola Peruch: ARRANGEMENT, COMPUTER PROGRAMMING & MODULAR SYNTHESIZER Gerolamo Sacco: ARRANGEMENT --------------------------------------------------------------- PENSIERI DIGITALI Serena Zaniboni: LYRIC AND MUSIC Claudio Vignali: MUSIC, PIANO AND KEYBOARDS Marco Dirani: MUSIC, ARRANGEMENT, PROGRAMMING, BASS SYNTH

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