Devon Miles

Under Water (Keep Breathing)

Release date: 17/12/2021

R'n'B Soul - Trip Hop
Under Water (Keep Breathing) is the latest single from Devon Miles. Brother of Pressure, the single was conceived for the exhibition in Bucharest, Romania (UNDERPRESSURE January 2020) by Italian artist Stefania Bartolucci. A track that invites us not to give up even when difficulties seem to overwhelm us. When we asked Devon to describe this song this is what he said: "When circumstances of life hit you, sometimes it feels as though one is drowning… in a sea of misery. Sometimes it feels as though the air is being sucked out of your lungs and only a slow and painful exit awaits. The world, through your eyes, tells you to give up, quit, to let go and embrace the void. The odds are stacked too high to ignite any spark of hope. This is the moment of truth: when we get to decide what becomes of our existence. Fight or flight? Surrender or persevere? Drown or breathe? The answer lies in our ability to look inwards. The difference between victor and victim is the mirror and the conversations with the image therein. Underwater (Keep Breathing) invites us to have that conversation without fear of what we may unveil for only through an honest examination of the inner man can hope be found and change guaranteed. Remember that moment of truth? This is our response: even though I got my head underwater, I’m gonna keep breathing!"

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