Release date: 11/11/2022

Indie Pop Rock & Alternative
A powerful rhythm, catchy melodies and biting guitars, a renewed sound that immediately enters the circle from the first listening. Simple, the new song by the Bolognese band Boavista, is a song that speaks of courage, of self-determination, of how being is more important than pleasing. Dealing with your own fulfillment and happiness is not just a conquest but a duty towards yourself. The lyrics of the song are a dialogue, an invitation. An invitation to stop changing just to please those who always have a finger to point at, an invitation to never stop flying, as well as to be accomplices and responsible for one's own happiness. Especially in these times today where everything seems to be more and more "simple". An emotional, pressing, electric song, accompanied by a video clip that passes through narrative flashbacks on loneliness, adolescent discomfort, acceptance of one's sexuality. Simple is a message of struggle, an invitation to never surrender to stereotypes, only capable of making us copies, characters without color.

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