Vins Cortese


Release date: 06/06/2013

Indie Pop Rock & Alternative
“Nataly”, lyrics and melody by Vincenzo “Vins” Cortese, a young italian songwriter at his first release of all times. Vins chose Gerolamo Sacco to produce this song, and Gerolamo fell in love for this strongly mediterranean music taste, which for him is something like a…foreign country’s music. So they worked together: Vins sang, Gerolamo did all the other stuff, the great Maria Vittoria Moia plays acoustic guitar, perfectly sampled to obtain a big solo (more than 2 minutes), that closes the song together with the dreamy accordion melody. Something really different from some metal things…;) and a release that goes so far from our catalogue standards, too. Electropop, yes, but smelling like sun, sea, southern skies, with a pathos that all italians all around the world..really appreciate! A curiosity: on Youtube there is a short 3 minutes version, while on iTunes, Amazon and others two versions of the same song: a longer one and the entire/original uncut 7 minutes trip. Enjoy!

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